Media & Design in Villanueva del Trabuco, Andalucia. Web site construction and optimisation.

Logo design.

Original Art Prints by Robert Grafenberg.

Publicity posters & flyers.

Personal stationary.


The TRABUCO EYE web site is designed to take an alternative approach to all

things 'Trabucenian' and will include items of serious interest as well as taking a

light-hearted look at our local environment . . . And beyond !

Our intention is to make things as 'visual' as possible so any contributions and

submissions should be as brief as possible in the written word and any photos

should be suitably resized for the internet.

It is hoped that a Spanish version of the site will be published soon.

It is NOT the intention of  'Trabuco Eye'  to cause ANY offence, and it is hoped

that the site will compliment any other similar site, be it Spanish or English.

Indeed, a free LINK will be included on the appropriate page as a result of

any reasonable request from a LOCAL individual or organisation

If you require any further info. . .   CONTACT US.